Look behind you (a recurring comment from the audience)
Look behind you (a recurring comment from the audience)

Stabbing the movie with three stunted prongs:

1) I don’t always agree with reviews. I often don’t agree with Margaret Pomeranz. I certainly don’t this time. Nor, it turns out can I agree with The World’s Finest at rottentomatoes.com and Cannes Film Festival alike. You see, I didn’t LOVE the film Samson and Delilah. It was pretty slow to begin with. And I never cared for Samson as a ‘hero / anti-hero’. (Oh, how shallow I am?)

2) I rather feel that critics across the globe will see this as “the second film to come out of Australia recently.” The other was Baz’s “Australiana”.  (eg Empire says “every person who saw … a movie called Australia [should make] it up to themselves by buying a ticket to Samson And Delilah.) S&D a fine film compared to the commercial (yet fully watchable!) schmaltz that was “Australiana”. Samson and Delilah has all the film making qualities that all film makers should aspire to. Bravo. Although, I don’t think Tourism Oz is likely to use S&D as promotional material.

3) My beef is not with the calibre of the filming but with the slow start and the general misery of the film subject. I think it is a fabulous film – but bloody miserable. The director, Warwick Thornton, should be compared to the likes of Ken Loach and Lars Von Trier. All amazing storytellers. Amazing. If you’re in the right mood. Go rent out Kes (Loach) or Breaking the Waves (Von Trier), just not on a date on a Saturday night!

My conclusion? Well, my mistake was to go see the movie with my fiancee on a Saturday night, when really we both would have enjoyed something more uplifting. Something more delightful. D’oh. I’ll revisit it when it’s out on DVD and when I’m fully prepared.