These four pictures demonstrate the evolution of storytelling:

The original 1564-1616

Tom Stoppard's musings on the bit part actors - a play written in 1964, filmed in 1990
Romeo + Juliet, Baz Lurman's 1996 star crossed lovers in modern day California 2010's twitter-play:"If you aren't on Twitter yet, this might be the perfect opportunity to discover what all the fuss is about. It is easy to join! Throughout the five weeks of this performance, you will see and read the “tweets” - Twitter updates which may be thoughts, messages, links or confessions - of Romeo, Juliet and four other characters." : Two families in the same town have loathed one another for years. But a boy from one and a girl from the other fall in love – deep, sweet and destructive. You know the tale of Romeo and Juliet but now you can see it happening live and in real time – in modern Britain and on Twitter. Six characters live the story over the five weeks of Such Tweet Sorrow and you can experience it with them.

How’s that for keeping relevant. It’s not just about the iambic pentameter any longer… but was it ever?