Just saw this on mumbrella “Commonwealth Bank has released the next in its new series of stylised black and white ads.”

Pretty ad. But such a pity that the advertising has nothing to do with the actual product. Well, maybe they have a mandate to call you. But when they do are they really helpful? For example, I’m in the process of leaving CommBank because they may be determined to be different. But they lack the ability to hire as charming and helpful people as I have found, consistently, at Westpac. Funny thing is that CommBank haven’t even noticed that my salary doesn’t come in, that the credit card doesn’t get used, that as soon as I’m settled into Westpac I’m shuttling out of Commbank for good (or if they have they don’t care! Hmm is that disconcerting?)

My comment at the bottom of the mumbrella article was about the (lack of) irony…

Jean-Pierre Jeunet gets to film the ads for an Australian bank in a location that looks like a gated community outside LA. That’s pretty determined to be different.

That sounds like the kind of after dinner game to play with the kids:

So, pick a famous film director, an abstract theme that excudes the coolness of the famous film director, a VO to shoe-horn in the core messages and call it a bank ad.
Let’s have a go:
George Miller directs; house wife wants to buy expensive fish food for little Simone, but there are too few coins in her purse, talking animals save the day. The cool cats and wise owls represent bank staff, saying other banks charge too much for too many electronic transactions, but CBA helps you look after the dollars and cents…
If only they did help. Determined they may be. Helpful they are not.

Your turn!