Shh – don’t tell anyone. But just as I start a new job (as documented by mumbrella – thanks, Tim) I stumble across the Holy Grail.A UK company, MediaSense, uploads a presentation saying how to win all pitches. (Hat-tip to Darren Woolley.) See the presentation below.

This is a UK research project run by a (fairly new) team of pitch doctors that looks into what clients say vs what agencies say.

Not especially surprising. But I like the 3Cs:

  • Chemistry
  • Consistency
  • Credibility

Well, what does that mean for us here at Innocean? Well:

Credibility: So we need to make sure that we have the credentials – in all formats – to demonstrate credibility to get onto the pitch list. And that we listen up front to make sure we deliver credible solutions to the brief.

Consistency: I heard last night how one agency reckons they won a recent pitch when they were in second place, they thought. Their competitor changed the main account team half way through the pitch! Ouch. There goes consistency.

Chemistry: Lucky that we’re a lovely bunch of bright people who will have good chemistry with all prospective clients!

PS don’t you love that it’s “private and confidential” and “not for distribution” and yet uploaded to slideshare!