James Welch, new business consultant, shopper marketing consultant, author of the “occasional blog” listeningtostories.com and host of The (slightly elitist) Next Dinner Party (TNDP) has moved on…

Moved on. Not passed on.

Moved on. Not moved away.

Hell, no! My new world is not even removed from my past. Indeed, it’s geographically and figuratively in the middle of everything I hold dear.

Singapore is a hub for a reason. It is easy to get to around the region. Hey, it’s only 8 hours from Sydney. It is a vibrant opportunity to relocate to a place which plays host to many a multinational business. From Singapore, I’ll conduct my business as Regional Director, APAC. (Let me know when you are passing through Singapore!)

It’s still an adland role. The business I’m joining entails me using the skills and expertise that I’ve built up over the years. Media planner turned brand consultant turned path-to-purchase advocate. And it builds on this, by adding a cutting edge technology platform created over the last few years under the awning of a big advertising group. This business is all about getting the best level of engagement with an online audience, whether the audience is at home, at work or out shopping. And it’s about getting more sales for ever tightening budgets. It’s about great acquisition rates. (Let me know if you want your digital media budgets to go further, smarter, brighter. And that’s everyone, I believe.)

Goodbye, Sydney. Thank you for being gorgeous.

PS. An announcement regarding the APAC launch of this business will be made mid July.