Taken from my intro to the Media Innovation Group’s Spikes Forum:

Overview: Data represents a big business opportunity for the creative industry.

Talking about the light at the end of the tunnel…
“Big Data” is just a euphemism for “too much information to know what to do with it all”

When media teams became independent of their creative agency siblings, not only did the media revenue walk out the door of creative agencies, so did much of the detailed customer and media knowledge. Only the smarter creative agencies are working closely with audience data insights gleaned from media planning and buying across all sizes of project.

Meanwhile, marketers are finding all data slipping into the “Big Data” category; most marketers have access to masses of data and not the resources to do anything with it.

Soon in Asia Pacific, we will all be given much more access to data in more forms. But will we know what to do with it to make our communications more engaging, more exciting, more successful? Or will we just use data to push product more effectively?

Format: This panel discusses first where great creative ideas are coming from today. We review some award-winning, data-led creativity – created by the panel and by friends of the panel… we will discuss how data is now ubiquitous and must become useful, usable, understandable and accessible for creative agencies and their clients.

We will also talk about campaigns that nearly worked.

Finally, we’ll focus on where we can expect to see creative ideas coming from in this ever changing, exciting industry. We look at the future of communications. How will data change the future of communications? How can we use data to drive better results?

Spikes.Asia Forum: Monday 17th September 2012, 2pm

The moderator:

  • James Welch, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Media Innovation Group

The panel: