Taken from the intro to our speech at Digital Asia Festival to be held in Beijing, 7&8 November.

The speakers announced at the Digital Asia Festival, Beijing. Nov 2012.

James and Paul, collectively, know what the future of digital needs. And it’s in seven parts. eMarketer tells us that this year, global digital ad spend is forecast to top $105 billion, with Asia-Pacific accounting for $27.63 billion after North America ($40.3 billion) and Western Europe ($28 billion). So how should we maximize this expenditure?

To this end, James and Paul will bring to life the seven simple tenets needed to succeed in today’s world of data-driven digital communications. The seven simple tenets are:

  • Need; J&P talk about how brands use data to bring together needy consumers
  • Creed; most brands stand for something, but in today’s world where the longtail can rule, one brand can stand for many things
  • Lead; we all know that leaders lead and managers manage. How does data make a brand into a leader?
  • Seed; using data we can plant the seed across lots of different channels – and then monitor how that seed grows an audience
  • Feed; J&P look at how brands are feeding data-driven stories to hungry consumers
  • Speed; J&P discuss how relevance is driven by the brand’s ability to adapt to new stories, in real time
  • Deed; J&P talk about the deeds that consumers make because powerful brands can do them do it.

During the regional case studies presented, Paul will demonstrate how creative experimentation is vital to brand building in the digital age and James will talk about how technology is bringing old-world media smarts closer to the creative process.