At Spikes – the big ad conference in Singapore that is created by the Cannes Lions team – all sorts of weird and wonderful people speak. Including me !

Well, the Ogilvy team had invited Sir Jackie Stewart, the Formula 1 hero – who is known for his charm and arrogance, his fast driving and racing safety advocacy and for being a story teller.

Spikes Asia, Festival of Advertising, Singapore 2013
Jackie Stewart “I made Martin Sorrell. He used to carry my bags.”

He gave us his top tips for success… after he’d told us how he “made” famous ad man, Sir Martin Sorrell, “he used to carry my bags.”

His top tips were preceded with the story of why he was wearing a suit today. Because he’s being paid to speak and he feels he should look the part. That’s important, he tells us. So his top tips included:

  • Be well dressed and prepared
  • Put in more hours than any one else
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Ask for advice. Find two mentors.
  • Always call people back quickly
  • Choose the best people you can lay your hands on
  • No free lunches
  • Find new ways of doing things. All the clever people think down the same road and its very congested…

I love that last line. It was part of his story about being dyslexic and therefore being “thick, stupid, dum” at school. When you’re not smart he says, you have to think differently to get ahead because you can’t do things in the normal way as well as the others.

What a great line: All the clever people think down the same road and its very congested…