So, Monday 21st October and Tuesday 22nd October, I’m the Chairman of a two-day event. Time to write a few ‘ice-breakers’; time to think of some cunning questions to put to each of the speakers. A smart bunch of people.

Oh and I’m collaborating once again with my ol’ chum from the land of UX. Also from the land of Oz, at it happens.


We’re talking on Tuesday:

Building & Sustaining Consumer Trust in Personalised & Real-Time Marketing:
Case Studies from FMCG, Finance, Travel, Consumer Entertainment and eCommerce Companies

The complexities in defining and measuring consumer trust and how to overcome
Delivering beyond brand expectations to earn consumers’ trust
Managing consumer information and data for personalised marketing
Balancing personalisation and consumer trust

James Welch, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Media Innovation Group,
James Breeze, Chief Experience Officer, Objective Asia,

So, I hope to see you there. And I hope to get round to writing up some of the tales while there. I’ve not been to a conference in a longtime where I’ve really listened to every speaker in detail. But I’ll have to this time, as I’ll be asking questions at the end of each one. And summing it all up. If feel a book coming on. A chapter written by each speaker. Now there’s an idea…