tie newsletter 1Adland is a fickle place. Employees don’t hang about. But there’s a way to fix this. A TIE. Yes, TIE (The International Exchange) has the answer.

Stats tell us that marketing directors are in their roles for 18-36 months – just long enough to make an impression. Or not as the case may be. And ad-men and women last about the same in any given role. Or less.

As team members, why do we stay?

The only reason to stay in any job is to make sure that the employment pie-chart is in fair-or-maybe-equal parts: earning, learning and fun. And if the parts move to much, it’s time to renegotiate and/or move on.

As employers, how do we keep the team?

While it should be noted that no manager needs a retention tool for the mediocre, we all need ways to supercharge those with true potential. In adland, there’s a tried and tested model to reinvigorate team players. The International Exchange does just the thing.

BBH, the famous ad agency, has created a short film to highlight how to do just that, keep your team invigorated. Get with TIE, see the film here:

Want a real-life example about how TIE works?

Well, Mike Alhadeff from Grey London was on TIE in February 2015. To quote Mike, “Doing TIE was an extraordinary experience. It had a bit of everything. The odd mishap, the heat of Brazil (of course) and finally a sense of achievement”. Mike’s story is inspirational. He made a moving two minute film about his experience. Along with other case studies, it’s on the TIE website.

Philippa, the founder of TIE, (full disclosure, we were flatmates back in 2001 in North London, when she started working at BBH!) has been quoted saying “companies not only keep their top performing staff, but they get an even better employee back after being on the programme. Someone who feels more excited about the industry, who better understands the power of their skills and comes back with powerful insights that end up making a huge difference to their accounts and company when they are back in the office.”

Contact Philippa and her team at TIE to find out more about how to get ahead in advertising. Or how to keep your team your team…