Not an easy one to answer, or is it?

If you have fifteen mins, please have a listen and let me know if you agree with how I answered it the other day on the Industry Insider segment of DriveLiveDXB show on Dubaieye103.8.

Yes, this is a podcast with Tim Elliott (@dubaitim) and Alex Hirschi (@radiohirschi), where the opening question sets the tone of the discussion: “how does advertising work?”

In short, here’s a quick synopsis:

Advertising works by either changing attitude or by changing behaviour.

“No longer can you stick a billboard by the side of the road, it’s now about digital, databases, it’s a minefield,” says Tim, “It’s really is a science. Or is it? Is it an art? Science or art?”

It’s about building relationships.

JW&TIM&ALEX_DUBAIEYE1038Alex points out that Tim thinks he doesn’t have any relationship with any brand. Till she asks him what razor brand he uses and why.

Relationships are built through “frequent, lightweight interactions”.

Alex then asks about programmatic TV and real-time bidding going beyond online. Except she doesn’t use that jargon!

Soon “programmatic” will reduce the amount of “radio wear-out” in advertising, through allowing targeted radio to engage different audience segments.

Buzz words included: Advertising, Data, Digital, Donald Trump, Facebook, Frequent Lightweight Interactions, Listening to Data-Streams, Narcissism, Programmatic, Relevance, Sentiment Analysis, Sparking Conversations, Storytelling, Targeting, The Long Tail, Twitter.

Advertisers mentioned in this podcast include: Royal Canin, Careem,, Snickers.

This segment was originally on air on Sunday 21st February. It’s a weekly segment and I’m due to ‘appear’ once a month… Tune in live on Sundays, 620pm, Dubai-time,