Here’s the 20 min recording showing how we can all boost online sales. It’s taken from my experience and from all things that are happening right here, right now:

By way of introduction, if you don’t want to listen to the article above, let me explain: when online sales happen through your partners, ie third parties, the best thing to do is to up-skill those third parties.

Excerpt from the presentation, 10 mins into the video link

In this example, Edx Education sells amazing toys to schools and to parents, to promote learning through play.

Yes, now their distributor-partners are selling to parents who want their children to play with smarter, longer-lasting toys.

Amazon is a key sales partner for these distributors.

This is a quick overview of the digital platforms that we might think will help online sales today…

“Aim High” said Ken Robinson… saying the education industry should help children strive to do better. And that’s what I’m suggesting that we can do too when looking at digital communications. Let’s have a purpose, an objective and let’s aim high.

Content is key across these platforms. We address that in part two…

The film above is almost 20 mins long and full of links on the actual slides. If you’d like the pdf of the slides, you’re welcome to it. Please get in touch with me.

Also, if you’re keen to know about Edx Educations’ product range in your market & where to buy, have a look here:

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