James Welch is a business transformation consultant who wants to share his love for data-driven communications. He’s worked in agencies and consultancies across the globe while enjoying the surf (cyber and real) in Sydney, while eating many a chili crab in Singapore, and now he’s moved to Dubai. Here he’s been building the ORCHESTRA.

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JW, Nov 06.

James started his career in 97 as a media researcher-then-planner at JWT & MindShare London. He then became a brand consultant in London and Hong Kong for FutureBrand. Before moving to Sydney, James was new business director for Y&R Europe. In Australia from 2006-2012 he was an independent consultant at a handful of big-and-small ad agencies and shopper-marketing consultancies. In Singapore, he ran a programmatic, audience buying, real time bidding (RTB), buzzword-happy trading desk for WPP (including a data management platform (DMP) and other three letter abbreviations (TLAs). That company (themig.asia) has since been eaten up by WPP’s GroupM.

Nowadays, while living in arguably one of the most sandy parts of the world, the United Arab Emirates, James gets to look out at the world, wonder what makes it tick and then use that as a platform for communications and as a way to join and/or start conversations with agencies and advertisers alike. This blog is like many a blog – it’s an excuse to listen and draft a few thoughts on what ever seems appropriate (to the author) at the time.

You can see a chronological career profile on Linkedin.

James also finds it odd to talk about himself in the third person.

If you want to know more about James please email him. He looks forward to hearing from you.  Or so he tells me.

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