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Wake up Retail Australia! It’s about timing not location.

My quest when midnight shopping is to see what I can buy for five bucks or less, including postage. Thank you Ebay for the crap I’m getting sent home much to my wife’s amusement. Then I was introduced – a great place to waste time and only spend a fiver a pop. Go on, have a look! (Hat tip to Yvette @ellaslist)

So, I have bought a few random things recently. I have a quest when up settling my little baby boy in the middle of the night. Or rather, when not settling him.

And this is all thanks to the smart phone in my pocket.

My point? Well, the point is that point of purchase is now temporal not geographical.

The world has rushed from nought-to-f in sixty seconds. From real world Continue reading “Wake up Retail Australia! It’s about timing not location.”


Determined to be different? Commbank creatives have all the fun

Just saw this on mumbrella “Commonwealth Bank has released the next in its new series of stylised black and white ads.”

Pretty ad. But such a pity that the advertising has nothing to do with the actual product. Well, maybe they have a mandate to call you. But when they do are they really helpful? For example, I’m in the process of leaving CommBank because they may be determined to be different. But they lack the ability to hire as charming and helpful people as I have found, consistently, at Westpac. Funny thing is that CommBank haven’t even noticed that my salary doesn’t come in, that the credit card doesn’t get used, that as soon as I’m settled into Westpac I’m shuttling out of Commbank for good (or if they have they don’t care! Hmm is that disconcerting?)

My comment at the bottom of the mumbrella article was about the (lack of) irony…

Jean-Pierre Jeunet gets to film the ads for an Australian bank in a location that looks like a gated community outside LA. That’s pretty determined to be different.

That sounds like the kind of after dinner game to play with the kids:

How Seth Godin thinks (how to launch a new product)

If only we all could think like Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the business consultant, author and chirpy chap who invented the term “Permission Marketing”. He’s also is a brilliant observer and commentator.

Regarding Apple’s launch of the iPad he calls the product a “permission asset”:

Over 25 years, Apple has earned the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to their tribe. Continue reading “How Seth Godin thinks (how to launch a new product)”

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