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The evolution of storytelling (the bard’s on twitter)

These four pictures demonstrate the evolution of storytelling:

The original 1564-1616

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Samson and delight? Not this time.

Look behind you (a recurring comment from the audience)
Look behind you (a recurring comment from the audience)

Stabbing the movie with three stunted prongs:

1) I don’t always agree with reviews. I often don’t agree with Margaret Pomeranz. I certainly don’t this time. Nor, it turns out can I agree with The World’s Finest at and Cannes Film Festival alike. You see, I didn’t LOVE the film Samson and Delilah. It was pretty slow to begin with. And I never cared for Samson as a ‘hero / anti-hero’. (Oh, how shallow I am?)

2) I rather feel that critics across the globe will Continue reading “Samson and delight? Not this time.”

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