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Cheap not classic

I chanced upon this on my way to a breakfast meeting this morning.

Is this a failure because it is so cheap? No. Is it cheap? Yes.

Do I like it? Yes. Continue reading “Cheap not classic”

#datadriveseverything – but not at Qantas

In an earlier post I outlined the three steps to success in communications: Content, Targeting, Distribution. One conclusion was that in the world of targeting and beyond, #datadriveseverything. It seems that targeting is something that Qantas needs to spend more time analysing:

Over at the mumbrella news & opinion website, Tim Burrowes flags that Qantas is spamming it’s database with scary stories (my words not his. For his words click here.)

Qantas PR team lacks data management skills

My comment:

This looks like a good example of a company that is only just starting to understand the opportunity provided data-driven communications.

Open communications, great. Poor use of database though.

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The internet is deadly

The internet killed an ad agency: I was pinged to see this short film by Saatchi and Saatchi Canada. They have predicted the demise of the traditional ad agency. Apparently digital is getting more important.

Am glad they noticed. Still, it amused me for most of the two and a half minutes.

But this really grabbed my attention: Tom Scott tells a story of internet-enabled-connectivity leading to a mega-swarm, the likes of which FourSquare would not want to predict.

The internet killed a human. (Hypothetically.)

Both tell the same story for businesses: Choose life. Choose to wake up to the possibilities that life now holds. But we should choose carefully.

Hang on… are Kim Jong Il and Sol Trujillo both scared of failure?

I'm so lonely (ref Team America)Both Kim Jong Il and Sol Trujillo are scared of failure. It’s a natural human emotion. Both will call others racist for not understanding them. Continue reading “Hang on… are Kim Jong Il and Sol Trujillo both scared of failure?”

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