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If Content is King, Awesomeness is King Kong via @faris #CIRCUS2012

With inspiration comes perspiration. And not always your own perspiration. This could be the mantra of an event organiser as much as a presenter at a conference. If nobody has sweated to make the event great – and each presentation within – inspiration is unlikely to follow.

At Circus2012, an event put on by The Communications Council*, Faris Yakob was the first to speak. From the energy that he put into his presentation, he might well have been perspiring! On this occasion, with perspiration came inspiration. There was a lot to be inspired by in Faris’ talk.

If Content is King, Awesomeness is King Kong

First, who is FARIS YAKOB, Chief Innovation Officer at NY agency, MDC? He’s a well educated Brit who comes across as part Tigger, part gorilla: bright, bouncing and hairy.

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The Google Wave: tidal or mexican?

It was that clever bloke at Intel who said that every 18 months the microchip size would shrink, the capacity would grow and the world would change. (See Moore’s Law.) In January 09 The Economist pointed out to us all that as consumers we’d take advantage of the situation and stop trading up and start cashing in (see ‘insert’).

The Economist Jan09
The Economist Jan09

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