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Building brands through “frequent, lightweight interactions”

On-line, in-store and in-between!

Today, we understand that relationships are formed through regular, little stories and this is how products will become loved brands in the eyes of consumers. Across all consumer touchpoints (ie on-line, in-store and in-between!) we must therefore create and manage “frequent, lightweight interactions” *.

Clearly, the retail world is evolving. There are Continue reading “Building brands through “frequent, lightweight interactions””

The evolution of storytelling (the bard’s on twitter)

These four pictures demonstrate the evolution of storytelling:

The original 1564-1616

Continue reading “The evolution of storytelling (the bard’s on twitter)”

The Future of Communications – in three easy steps

I was listening to the stories being told at the Nokia Forum for developers recently.

If content is king, distribution is...

When Kenny Mathers stood up and announced “if content is king, distribution is king kong.” This quote he attributed to Mark Ollila, another Nokia guru. Of course, their reason for flogging this line is that if the developers create the content, Nokia says it can deliver the right distribution.

A wonderful aphorism. Worth repeating again and again.

If Content is King, Distribution is King Kong

However, this takes for granted a Continue reading “The Future of Communications – in three easy steps”

Social Media to Rage Against the Machine. The King is long dead.

In 1962 Elvis made it to number one at Christmas in the UK charts with Return to Sender. The following three years saw the Beatles at number one over Christmas with hits that still get played from time to time: I want to Hold Your Hand (1963), I Feel Fine (1964) and Day Tripper (1965). The charts have  trends. The fads come and go. People learn how to play the charts. And now the social media have stepped in to stop the chart stoppers.

Facebook. Where reality can be amended, enhanced and (then) shared.

Examples of such social media perpetrators are Jon and Tracey Morter. In the UK, they created a facebook site to promote “Rage Continue reading “Social Media to Rage Against the Machine. The King is long dead.”

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