What's going on out there?
What's going on out there?

The wonderful thing about looking at blogs is to see that it’s all been said before. If this information age is doing one thing, it’s helping everyone find a voice. Everyone who wants a voice that is.

I’ve noted that everyone who has their original comment to broadcast (via  the often narrowcast, limited audience  that their blog draws) links their comment to all the other, bigger blogs out there.

So with a hat-tip here and another-sort-of-link there we’re all borrowing each others’ audiences. Okay – I’d better get on with doing that too.

As an avid reader of all headlines and tweets (I’ll not profess to say that I read all the articles and links – not all the time) I’ve seen a lot of things go around and around. Some of interest. Some not.

So my quest is to share some of the things that I’m listening to and then add my twopence-worth to say a) why I’m listening and b) what I think the implications might be. Is that eschewing originality? Well, originality is an oft discussed piece in adland – and art-land, for that matter.

From being a listener and a consultant helping other tells stories, maybe it’s time for me to find my own voice. Which is kind of easy since no-one’s listening to this blog yet.