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When asked on radio, “how does advertising work?” how would you answer?

Not an easy one to answer, or is it?

If you have fifteen mins, please have a listen and let me know if you agree with how I answered it the other day on the Industry Insider segment of DriveLiveDXB show on Dubaieye103.8.

Yes, this is a podcast with Tim Elliott (@dubaitim) and Alex Hirschi (@radiohirschi), where the opening question sets the tone of the discussion: “how does advertising work?”

Continue reading “When asked on radio, “how does advertising work?” how would you answer?”

The global reach of the small idea

This article first appeared in the Media Buzz column, GULF NEWS, 23 December 2015.JW_gulfnews_dec2015_v2

Across the UAE, one in three people uses their smartphone to buy products and services. That’s more than in many other countries.

As readers of this business section, what are we doing with this information? Actually, we’re doing well, we’re bringing our products and services online, onto the mobile web and producing great apps from which we can purchase said products and services.

We know that our audiences research online and are starting to buy more and more regularly online.

The UAE business community is providing its online consumers with banking, grocery shopping, the latest fashions, perfumes and consumer electronics. And if these consumers look hard enough they can find plenty of local garden furniture, barbeques and gazebos too.

Local offerings, when really sought after, can be found online.

But before we pat ourselves on the back too enthusiastically, we need to take a step back and realise that we’re building these beautiful, functional castles in the desert without taking as much care and attention to building the roads and signposts needed to find these castles.

Build it and they will come?

The ‘build it and they will come’ approach doesn’t work Continue reading “The global reach of the small idea”

Social Media to Rage Against the Machine. The King is long dead.

In 1962 Elvis made it to number one at Christmas in the UK charts with Return to Sender. The following three years saw the Beatles at number one over Christmas with hits that still get played from time to time: I want to Hold Your Hand (1963), I Feel Fine (1964) and Day Tripper (1965). The charts have  trends. The fads come and go. People learn how to play the charts. And now the social media have stepped in to stop the chart stoppers.

Facebook. Where reality can be amended, enhanced and (then) shared.

Examples of such social media perpetrators are Jon and Tracey Morter. In the UK, they created a facebook site to promote “Rage Continue reading “Social Media to Rage Against the Machine. The King is long dead.”

Chk chk boom: Rosencrantz, Guildernstern and Justin Kallu are dead

A movie where the bit-parts take centre stageNews: Justin Kallu is shot. Bigger news: girl rocks the media with faux testimony.

What’s the real news here? Those who should be centre-stage are often now relegated to waiting in the wings. And vice versa. Which sparks the thought that Tom Stoppard’s play-then-film Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead was the precurser to realityTV – where we all watch the erstwhile insignificant people become Continue reading “Chk chk boom: Rosencrantz, Guildernstern and Justin Kallu are dead”

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