As the new year approaches everyone is wondering what will really happen in 2015. And only a few of us really know!

I’ll happily share with you a few points – and I’ll frame it as seven significant changes in our vocabulary because they just won’t need explaining any longer:


    Second-screening. Wish I'd had this when at the Dubai Rugby Sevens yesterday!
    Second-screening. Imagine if I’d had this app on my phone when at the Dubai Rugby Sevens yesterday. Imagine if the data providers could tell what billboards were near me and play relevant data-targeted ads with reference to the environment, the outdoor billboards, the big TV screens etc…

advertisers will reach a point in May (why May? That’s another story!) where they no longer need to refer to “cross-screen” advertising. Why? Because everything will just work across all screens. ALL screens. And we’ll even be able to track advertising across all screens and all operating systems in a way that only Facebook, Google and Apple can today – albeit only across their operating systems at the time of writing.


“digital first” will be an expression of the past. It’ll just be what we all think and do. Instead we’ll remember at the last minute before submitting any advertising proposal “what about TV and billboards?” Okay, maybe TV and billboards won’t be forgotten like that. But still, maybe it’s time for the 2005 prophecy by Joe Jaffe to come to life: Today, some 65 years after it was first used, the 30-second spot is like Sean Connery – still sexy as hell but not much of a long-term prospect.”


    The Future's Company: "The shift from a ‘purchase funnel’ to ‘purchase fish’ model means that different stages of the shopper process are happening in different places, and through different channels, many of which are beyond the control of the retailer."
    The Future’s Company: “The shift from a ‘purchase funnel’ to ‘purchase fish’ model means that different stages of the shopper process are happening in different places, and through different channels, many of which are beyond the control of the retailer.”

at last we’ll admit there is no such thing as a PATH to purchase: driving people from the sofa to the mall to the aisle to make that purchase… is a thing of the past. I love the Future’s Company’s purchase fish, don’t you? (See image.) Or how about my blog post from 2012 about the Virtuous Communications Cycle being the planning tool for the future that at last is here? Linear storytelling, chapter by chapter hasn’t really happened for years and yet some older admen – and some clients –  insist on presenting the TV spot first. D’oh.


at the moment very few people outside the somewhat insular land of real-time bidding really understand what the opportunities of programmatic will be – now and in the future. Let me explain for anyone in doubt: “programmatic” is using machines to buy eyeballs (and nowadays ears) rather than media buyers negotiating with media sales teams to buy media space. Still not clear? Well, it will be clear to everyone very soon: stop wasting money on network buys. “Programmatic” means data-driven automation when placing advertisements eg if this then that: If this happens (eg it rains), then place these ads (mobile ads to promote a new ‘behaviour’)… And we’ll all start working out what a data management platform can do for us.


not even everyone in your media agency today really understands what a DMP really can do for you. But the media data geeks in the corner can make it simple; all marketers and their creative agencies need to know where to get one from so they should speak to their media agency partners. What’s more, it’ll keep (digital) media buyers on their toes! We won’t call them DMPs by the middle of next year, we’ll just talk about the platform or the name of the dashboard.


    Classy suits, eh?
    Classy suits, eh?

our colleagues heading up the digital creative teams sport their scruffy jeans and well-dressed tattoos. But soon everyone will be wearing bespoke suits made with foul material. At least that’s what these guys will have you believe: SHINESTY. E-Commerce is just getting more and more, er, useful. Let’s start championing the Long Tail again. It’s time to recognise once more that the Long Tail is – and will always be – Wagging the Dog.

Okay, so not all predictions will come true. But most of these will, don’t you think? What else will be obsolete next year?