I'm so lonely (ref Team America)Both Kim Jong Il and Sol Trujillo are scared of failure. It’s a natural human emotion. Both will call others racist for not understanding them. But there, I should admit is where the comparison should end. 

Trujillo was running Telstra. He ran it at a loss. He therefore is responsible for a loss of jobs. While his pay packet hardly ever suffered. He now says that Australia never accepted him because he’s Mexican. Ah c’mon. Or am I being unfair?

 “Adios” said Kevin Rudd to Trujillo. Ooooh that’s sooo racist. C’mon (again). Or is it?

Now Kim Jong Il is blaming the world for not understanding him. His big ally, China, is disowning him. Bummer.

Human nature is to blame others when things don’t go right. Or is it?